Our Alm

Essen in Saalbach-Hinterglemm

Who is Alm 1350?

Yes, that’s not a mistake – we think of our Alm in terms of ‘who’ rather than ‘what’. This is because we consider our Alm 1350 to be like a friend together with whom we have enjoyed many adventures. Probably already 1350 by now… Or perhaps more. Up here in the Alm, togetherness is written large. It’s a place of friendly encounters. But also a place where you can get back down to earth. Where little things matter. So our Alm is diverse and multifaceted. Just like its natural surroundings that slightly change their aspect from day to day – sometimes clothed in bright colours, at other times wearing snow-white garments. Here in the Alm, it is possible to watch as nature gradually changes her look – and it is also possible to become one with nature and gain strength from the potential offered by the landscape.

Übernachten in der Alm im Salzburger Land

The Alm leaves you free to choose and is not intrusive. It knows to be grateful to those who find their way up to 1350 metres above sea level and greets them with a warm, welcoming smile. Because our Alm likes nothing better than to play host and provide a home from home for those who love mountain sports and nature. It brings together traditional values, modern elegance and high quality. It exudes a sense of tradition, a sense of locality and future all in one.